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Privacy Policy

The Dose CBD has a very direct shipping policy. Our products are available across the USA and in some locations outside the USA as well.

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We know how important your privacy is for you – and that makes us value it even more. Our Privacy Policy is devised to keep your privacy at its core.

The Privacy policy covers all the details on how the firm handles the information collected from the users at various stages. This policy must be read in conjunction with the terms of service.

Users have to agree to abide by the terms listed in the Privacy policy while using the website at all times.


While the company will make all efforts to ensure that the user information and data are protected using the most sophisticated methods, it is hereby noted that no method is perfect and may have lapses at times.

The company cannot guarantee protection for user information at all times.

The Dose CBD may modify, edit, or delete any section of the Privacy Policy without prior notice at its discretion.

User Information Collected

Personally identifying information – When a user or visitor interacts with the website, we may collect some information regarding their identities such as name, email address, contact information, and other relevant information to process your orders and serve you better.

Non-personally identifying information – The website may also collect some non-personally-identifying information such as IP address, location, referring site, language preference, and other such data to analyze your behavior and improve our services for you.

Payment Information – The company also requests the customers to input their payment information, such as card details to process the orders. This information is not stored, unless stated explicitly, and is merely used for order processing.


Users must agree that some part of the information collected may be transferred over unencrypted networks with the exception of credit cards or other payment details.

The company also cannot assume responsibility for the information shared on third-party websites from our website.

We undertake all measures to ensure the security of your website but are not in a position to claim that the methods are fool-proof.

User Information Usage

The company has the right to share user information without encroaching their privacy with :

  • Service providers
  • Business partners in case of any mergers, acquisitions, or other pertinent business transactions
  • Legal Authorities if required by law to help in any investigation or as a result of a violation of our terms and conditions
  • User Analyst firms to better our service and for business benefit.


Advertisers may set cookies to identify user computers and use the information obtained to show them personalized ads. The website may share user information with certain advertisers for different transactions.

Cookies may also help us remember you and help you provide an enhanced experience with the received information.

Users may choose to modify their cookie settings in the browser settings section if they desire to do so.

User Rights and Responsibility

Users and website visitors are also equally responsible for the safety of their personal data.

They must take all steps to ensure that sensitive and protected information like username, password, payment settings, and other identifying information is kept safe at all times.

Any breach of privacy due to the lack of safety at the users’ end will not be the responsibility of the website.

Users have the right to disable their account, delete all information from our records, and/or choose to unsubscribe from all future communications from the company if they choose to do so.

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