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Your Wellness Center

Try Our CBD Products Today!

Your Wellness Center

Try Our CBD Products Today!

Your Wellness Center

Try Our CBD Products Today!

Your Relief is Our Belief!

The Dose CBD is your one-stop-shop for an exquisite collection of hemp extract products. We offer high-quality & affordable hemp-derived full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate CBD products for everyone to enjoy and get benefit from these products. In addition, we offer CBD oil tinctures, creams, edibles, salves, pet-friendly CBD oils, and much more.

We use strict measures when extracting each CBD from hemp plants to ensure it meets rigorous standards.

We pride ourselves on the care we take to make our products. Our hemp is grown outdoors in natural sunlight with best farming practices to create the finest quality Hemp products.

The Perfect Dose!

Our American-made hemp products taste great and promote healthier bodies, minds, and spirits. These delicious supplements are perfect for those with an active lifestyle or who want to live healthier lives!

We offer our customers the best in all-natural remedies that provide everything from physical relief to mental peace. In addition, our USA-grown hemp has proven effective at helping people feel better about themselves in their everyday lives while also promoting environmental sustainability.

All Natural

Only the purest and sustainably produced hemp-derived Hemp products.

Full and Isolate/Broad Spectrum

Our products are rich in beneficial cannabinoids & phytocompounds, which promote a healthier body, mind, spirit for you and your family.

Lab Tested

We believe in the power of our products. All of our products get lab tested before we release them for your consumption. We have a variety of flavors & strengths so you can get what you need.

Made in America

We use 100% American grown hemp produced in a cGMP, ISO9001, and FDA registered facility.

We provide the perfect dose of CBD-infused products for your needs. From our delicious tasting gummies and oils to soothing topicals, we have something that will promote healthier bodies, minds, and spirits – all while promoting a happier you!